2016 Reading List

“The reading of some literary work is often…an experience so momentous that only experiences of love, religion, or bereavement can furnish a standard of comparison. Their whole consciousness is changed. They have become what they were not before” C. S. Lewis

In a recent post, I reiterated the classic trope that those who wish to lead should also be those willing to engage their minds in serious thinking.

Every year, I keep a list of the books I read in order to look back and see the things with which I have engaged personally, spiritually, professionally, and intellectually over the duration of the year. It is interesting to read back through this list and remember what I was wrestling with as I read a particular book at a particular time.

Here, then, is the list of what I read in 2016. You will see that it is an eclectic blend of academic, theological, literary, philosophical, historical, and personal. Overall, it gives you a peek behind the veil to see what helped influence my thinking during 2016.

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Here, then, are the books I read in 2016 (in the order in which I read them):

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**What are you reading? What books left an impression on you in 2016? Feel free to leave a book recommendation in the comments section below!