After much debating, wrestling and wrangling with myself over time, interest and necessity, I have stepped off the ledge into the world of the blogosphere. My hope is that this space becomes two things:

1. a workshop for my own developing, questioning conceptualizations of education, schooling, the philosophy of moral education, theology, social justice, and literature that surround the question: “What does it mean to live a meaningful life?”


2. an interactive space for constructive conversation related to these issues for like-minded or similar-interested folk.

One of my great loves is the craft of writing, and I hope to spin these ideas/musings one day into a book that people might actually want to purchase and read. Giving voice and air to these ideas here will be the start of that.

I welcome the critique, feedback and constructive dialogue that will hopefully hone and refine these personal investigations of the human condition into something that may be of benefit to others.

Welcome and Enjoy!