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For those of you who do not know, I am in the last push for a PhD in the philosophy of moral education looking intently at moral school leadership by both critiquing the ways schools currently legitimate and replicate the values of the marketplace (at great personal and social expense) and what it might look like to imagine schooling as a moral enterprise for wisdom, virtue and social justice. I am often asked how this might look practically, so I thought I would share two projects I completed for presentation that unpack what I think a school would look like that did just that. I named my school Arete Academy based upon the Greek word for excellence as human flourishing.

This is my intellectual office!

This is my intellectual office!

Below you will find links to the presentations I gave. One is a prezi and the other is a pdf file. Feel free to offer thoughts, suggestions and critiques as I shape this into my dissertation and (hopefully) life’s work.



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