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Since there are a good number of you who have just recently joined the conversation, I thought it might be a good idea, at this point, to do two “Top 5 Lists” to introduce you to earlier posts you may have missed: one will be my top five favorite posts–the ones that I continue to wrestle with or the ideas that still haunt me; and the other will be the top five posts that have resonated with viewers based upon number of views.

I will list them here, with a sentence or two from each post so that you have an idea what’s coming. Enjoy!!

My Top 5

The Lumber of Our Lives: Inspired by Frederick Buechner’s writing, “A Room Called Remember,” this post looks at the ways we construct our lives and the rooms we create, either rooms of regret or rooms of blessing. It asks, “Are the rooms in your life temples or taverns? Dank and musty closets or open places of worship?”

Schooling, Education and the Shivering Self: This post unpacks the difference between “schooling” (with its desk and rows, assembly line structure, sense of imprisonment, tests, complacency, apathy and disconnect) and “education” (with wisdom, virtue, transcendence, and formation as its main goals) as they relate to helping liberate students from their “small, shivering selves.”

Why the Church No Longer Matters (and why it matters now more than ever): This post takes a look at the fact that, though we are an over-churched culture, we are still a culture whose overarching narrative ends in divorce, crime, violence, gangs, injustice and oppression. It states, “To put it simply, the Church no longer has relevance because the Church as it operates now no longer matters. And yet the message of the Church is needed now more than ever.”

The Beauty of Discipline:  This posts seeks to counter the YOLO (you only live once) philosophy by pointing out the truth: you do only live once. It states, “I have come, by the long, hard road, to the realization that you do only live once; therefore, I must be careful to guard that which is most valuable to me lest I risk losing it all.”

Redefining Wealth: This post tries to give a new definition to wealth centered in relationships, experiences, legacy and blessing that counters the narrative of wealth as financial prosperity. It is written as a reflection of the kind of home I am trying to shape for my family.

Your Top 5

The Cult of Desire (2,273 views): By far my most popular post, I looked at the dark, seductive ways by, through and in which our culture fosters an appetite for desire that leaves us hungry, dissatisfied, broken and ruined. I say, “over and over we desire this illusion of “more” at the great expense of our relationships, marriages, careers, livelihoods, sanity and health.” This post seeks both to pull back the veil and to offer a counter-narrative that does not end in heartache.

The Art of Making a Life (767 views): Out of my own personal and professional journey, I juxtapose the idea of making a living with making a life. Using the writing of Frederick Buechner and Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, I try to make the point that we should turn our minds from making a living (with budgets, payroll, titles and positions) to making a life (with relationships, sacrifice, wisdom, contemplation and purpose).

The Myth of Happiness (114 views): In this post, I try to deconstruct the dangerous myth that happiness is our highest aim and end by showing that, instead, what promises happiness is ultimately illusory and that the real pursuit should be “wholeness”

Why Wisdom Matters (99 views): I believe wisdom, that ancient idea touted by philosophers, theologians, religious leaders, and sages throughout history, still has a place in the modern age. In fact, given our vast technological interconnectivity and global reach, wisdom is needed now more than ever. We are in critical need of wisdom in our schools, in our boardrooms, in politics, in our media outlets—in short, in every institution that influences the culture that shapes the human condition. In this post, I provide 5 reasons why wisdom still matters today.

Living A Bigger Story (or, why I quit my job): This post offers the reasons why I chose to quit my job in order to offer my family a bigger story, a story full of quest, purpose, wonder and depth.

If these are familiar posts to you, I invite you to join in the conversation surrounding them. If they are new, welcome! I look forward to your thoughts!!