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As I wrote in a previous post, I have started walking out a dream for a school that embodies in the flesh the many ideas I have written about on this blog: a school that works to shape wise, virtuous, and compassionate architects of repair in the world; a school that pursues redemption rather than “reform”; a school that gives its faculty the freedom and space to pursue their craft with excellence, joy, and integrity; a school that works to shape fully flourishing human beings who will work to shape fully flourishing communities; a school that works to put an end to things like violence, gangs, poverty, crime, hunger, pollution, oppression and injustice; a school that places mentoring at the moral center of its existence; a school that works to shape more peacemakers, healers, and storytellers; a school that sees students as creators, discoverers, inventors, scholars, and citizens, rather than test takers, measurables, and data walls; a school that sees faculty as highly esteemed intellectuals and truly compassionate professionals;  a school, in short, that does nothing less than completely re-imagine what we mean by education!

To this end, Odyssey Leadership Academy is hosting a town hall meeting Saturday, May 17 at the downtown Oklahoma City Library at 2:30pm. It is an open invitation to anyone who is eager to see redemption come to education! If you are a parent who wants more for your student than to cram for tests and regurgitate information, come on! If you are a teacher who longs for the freedom to pursue your craft with excellence, compassion and integrity, come on! If you are a community activist who desires to turn prisons into playgrounds, come on! If you are a business leader who wants to see flourishing come to your community, come on! If you are a dreamer, prophet, artist, entrepreneur, innovator, or agent of change, come on! If you are in the wild frontier of education entrepreneurship in another city and would like to dream alongside of us for your community, come on!

The link to register for free tickets can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/odyssey-leadership-academy-town-hall-meeting-tickets-11297494109

You can find more information about Odyssey Leadership Academy on our website: http://www.odysseyleadershipacademy.org/

Come join us as we launch the beginning of a new vision for education! Come help Odyssey Leadership Academy tell a better story for our schools, our students, and our communities!