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Welcome to The Wisdom Initiative, a space for conversation about what it means to live wisely and seek wisdom in pursuit of the common good. In an age of clutter, noise, distraction, addiction, and consumption, there is now more need than ever to think through what it means to live wisely as part of a cultural transformation for a more virtuous world.

The Wisdom Initiative desires to counter the cultural demand that we live solely to satisfy our baser instincts and, instead, offers reflection on the pursuit of wisdom in one’s thoughts, actions and deeds.

As a writer, a theologian, a student of moral philosophy, a lover of serious literature, a husband and a father, I am deeply committed to calling attention to the deficiencies in the dominant cultural narrative of consumerism, consumption, egoism, and accumulation that permeates both our public and our private spaces by offering an alternative story, one that has the ancient pursuit of wisdom and virtue at its core.

The Wisdom Initiative encompasses thoughts on education, community development, social justice, moral philosophy, theology, and literature. It pursues the need for wisdom in leadership, service, education, families, business, politics–in short, in every cultural institution that gives shape to the human condition. It will raise more questions than it answers, and it relies on you, the reader, to engage in the conversation.

At least once a week, I will post an article related to culture, philosophy, theology, literature and/or life in the hopes that it helps people think through what it means to live wisely, act virtuously, and give meaning to their lives. The key idea that runs through this blog is that wisdom matters both in one’s personal life and in how we work together to shape a better story for the common good.

This blog is for the person that wants to shape an alternative narrative with their lives.

I invite you to join me by initiating a journey towards wisdom and virtue as we work together to create the world that can be.

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  1. I love the raison d’etre of your blog. Voices like yours need to be heard.

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